Cut and fill for SketchUp Make

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I have been looking thru some of the forum posts on this today…

i am a beginner at cad and have been banging away trying to design my new house which is on a farm with very few site restrictions or limitations…as a complete fail with pencil and paper and a frustrated amateur architect who has a love for Palladian proportions SU is just the most wondrous thing!!! How much fun is this stuff? However i am using my very old backhoe to start prepping a site which is on a rather steep (for the backhoe) site.

What I need? A cut and fill plug in that will run on Make (not pro). I want to make sure that I’m not digging more than I need and nevertheless want to make sure that i have a site that will accommodate my SU plan. Alas I am not a young student embarking on the exhilarating world of CAD rather a crusty old woodworker trying to build his house.

What have I discovered? Have been reading up on the terrific Cut and Fill (only for Pro users), Toposhaper (cannot figure out if this will give me what I want as I already have Google earthed the terrain and have created a topo map…thanks to the terrific YouTube videos on the subject) and Terrain Reshaper (cannot get my head around vortices, vortexes and whether this will only generate a cut (I am not really planning on doing much fill as I am using the soils for earth berms and gardens).

Are there other options out there that I have missed? I am sure that there must be …There must be masses of students doing this sort of stuff in their studies…

This will be the first plug in that I will use for SU.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Wide Sky

But the students have educational licenses for the Pro edition.

The Pro edition has the solid tools required to easily work with volumes (subtracting or adding one from another, etc.,) that is required for this kind of plugin.

The only other thing is to learn to do it manually.

Thanks Dan…figuring out the math as i go seems my best bet. Tho i am tempted to spend…

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