Calculate volume between two surfaces

I am a self taught but long time user of sketchup (about 5-6 years). I am needing to calculate the cut and fill for a project. I have an existing terrain survey that I used the sandbox tools to create a draped surface from contours. I have set the finish floor of a house and created a proposed surface to represent the proposed grading. I now need to calculate the cut and fill volume between these surfaces.

I searched for plugins as well as searched the forums site but everything I am finding is very old. I don’t mind spending the money for a plugin that works but I don’t have the time to waste with stuff that doesn’t work. Can anyone point me in the correct direction? It is much appreciated.


Tig’s Cut n Fill should do what you want.

thank you for the prompt reply. I saw that but it hasn’t been updated since 2018 and I wondered if it would work with 2020…do you know if it will or not?

All Tig tools are generally kept up to date.
And a quick look at it shows 2020 in the comparability list.
And you get 10 free uses before you need to pay for it, so try it.

unless I am misreading it looks like you have to subscribe to sketchUcation in order to download it. So it looks like it will cost $15/month or $75/year. Again, I will spend the money if it works and it has good value. I just want to make sure this is the best tool and it works.

Sketchucation is free to join, you just need to read the page a bit and you will see the click here for free account.

Ok I must be an idiot. I have installed the Cut N Fill plug-in by TIG and have followed the instructions and have the existing group titled “EXTG” but it keeps telling me one of the groups needs to be titled “EXTG”…it is, it won’t do anything else. I have tried exploading and regrouping and nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong? Is there anyway to get help from TIG?

Note: I bought the plug-in so not operating under a trial

The first place to start would be the dedicated CutnFill thread at SketchUcation.

A prod @TIG here might call him into existence.

Why not post in the CutNfill thread at SketchUcation as @Box suggests?
I’m more likely to see things there…

You need to select two overlaid groups.
The existing group must be named ‘EXTG’, the proposed group can be named anything else you like - I use ‘PROP’.
Note it’s groups NOT component instances or definitions.
Also the groups must be solids - otherwise the SketchUp ‘solid-tools’ can’t work…

Entity Info and the Outliner will show the selected group and its name etc…

Please post in the tool’s thread at SketchUcation - with screen shots of your model, Entity Info etc…
I’m sure it’s a straightforward fix…