Cut Surface diagonally

Is there a way to cut this pattern at an angle? In case the image doesn’t come through. It’s a geometric pattern with holes.

Thank you.

Yes. What angle do you want it cut at? Share your SketchUp file and an angle or draw a line or plane where you want to cut it.

Here’s the SketchUp file. What I would like to slice is a far more complicated pattern, but I thought I would try with this. You have the pattern and the rectangle I would like to fill with this pattern. I’m new to SU, and I’m very grateful for the help. SlicePattern.skp (635.8 KB)

Close the “far more” flat complex shape (by tracing an edge) and group it and then place it behind the pattern sheet. Pull its face (in editing context) through the sheet.

In the pattern sheet context (say its editing context) select all and right click to then select “Intersect Faces” with Model".

See: (I moved the shape to the side):

Delete the excessive geometry (in editing context of the sheet).
You may want to use [Ctrl] when orbiting to make window-selecting more effective.

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Thank you. I still don’t understand how do you make the selection at a diagonal. Also when I intersect faces, I lose the holes in the pattern. Thank you for your help.

Some new faces will be formed with the edges of the big rectangle. You’d have to delete those manually. When G. Hubers suggested using Control while orbiting, you’d press option (⌥) on the Mac to suspend gravity to let you orbit until the rectangle is horizontal.

A more precise way would be to make everything components. Then move a copy aside, rotate that copy so the rectangle is parallel with the model’s axes. Set the camera to parallel projection, Standard view-> Front.Then you’d be able to use the mouse selection window more precisely.

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Well actually that ability to make the selection solved the problem. I don’t have to intersect faces, just select diagonally. Thank you both.