Cut and paste very slow

Hi everyone

Having trouble with a 2D file - it’s from an imported .dwg file. At first I had trouble zooming where it would zoom in and then would lose it (going elsewhere or zooming right in). There wasn’t any stray text, tried a few things including exploding lots of groups and getting rid of various bits that I didn’t need. In the end what worked was to cut and paste into a new file. Now the zoom works fine…

However, issue now is that when I want to cut and paste something within the model to elsewhere it freezes SketchUp and doesn’t seem possible. I note that the file is a massive size (17MB) so wondering if it’s some property of the file that makes it so large - the actual stuff in the model isn’t so much, so can’t understand why it’s so massive. Any ideas anyone?



Unexpectedly large files usually result either from materials with very large texture images or significant numbers of unused components and materials. The former seems unlikely in an imported dwg. Try model info->statistics->purge unused to deal with the latter.

Thanks - I’d already done the purge thing.

Just deleted two trees which had loads of lines associated with them - that halved the file size. Just tried cut/paste again and it still doesn’t like it… SketchUp just is ‘not responding’ - it can cut, but can’t paste…

Don’t just explode with imported stuff. Or when you applied havy material(s) to group(s) and/or component(s). Unless you know what is going on next.

Why not?

Exploding will get edges and faces inside (that had no material or layer assigned to them) inherit the container’s material and layer. So even edges can then have that havy material assigned to them.
Now just purging all will not help you unless you delete the material by deleting it in the ‘In Model’ mterial browser. Same goes for layers that you want to get rid of.

So your file size and operations like cut > paste (in place) may still be slow.

Exploding is ok if you check what is in your model in ‘Model Info’ > Statistics > used materials? & layers?

OK so for the record, what solved this was to reduce file size by deleting lots of superfluous lines, stuff that architects like putting on drawings like trees, bushes etc - loads of stuff that was slowing it down. All good now.