Curving a group


I am trying to make a tiki mug. I want to put an eye on it and made the eye but realized because of the curve of the cup it wouldn’t stay along the face of the cup. Is there a way to curve a group around a face? I also tried making it directly on the face of the curve with the arch and circle tools but parts of the shape get hidden by the curve. I’m attaching a picture to show what the shapes look like.

Howdy Keith. new at this but improving and like a challenge. I tried to duplicate what the picture showed but had to explode the group for it to work. Making it a group helps you to move and manipulate it. But if I intersected it as a group it would erase the vertical cutting portion. Leaving just the outer circular face. The smaller circle (eye you said) I just made the circular piece longer as if it was a length of dowel. So it would go through both faces of the circle. With it exploded I did a right to left selection to highlight it all. Then did intersect with SELECTION. You can now go in a erase the inner parts and what is left is the outside circle on the face. Include a copy and left one copy a group so you could place it. When you have it where you want it open to edit. Push pull the outer face to the length you need, then explode and intersect. Erase the inner portions you dont need and it will be flush with the face. If this is what you need…Peace…

CIRCLE1.skp (84.4 KB

Sorry Chief tried to share the file but something is screwy and dont know why it give you that page instead of the model file…waiting on a reply back for the addmins…

Yes, the site is screwing up and the model file issue is SU`s mistake. I thought I violated something, but if you explode the group and intersect it will allow you to place it on face correctly.

Good deal brother, thanks a lot. That helped me wrap my head around the whole intersecting thing. Also, smart move making the “eye” circle longer to get it through both sides of the circle and then editing afterwards. Here’s where I’ve gotten to with your help.

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Glad it helped you out, I have gotten a lot of help from this forum. To give back instead of just taking from the well, really helps shows your progress. Good luck with it and …Peace…