Curviloft - Loft along path

Curviloft - Loft along path not working properly. I couldn’t figure out what the error is and how to fix it.

test.skp (342.3 KB)

Add one more profile to the middle of the path


Do you mean it isn’t doing what you think it should do?

Adding a second “path” will let it know what you really want it to do. Also reversing the face at the bottom is important. Use Skin Contours


I did what you said but no result.

test.skp (286.6 KB)

I did what you said but no result.

test1.skp (393.3 KB)

No you didn’t.

Use Skin Contours

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After adding the profile in the middle of the path, rotate it 35 degrees (middle between both ends), otherwise you have the same situation.

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Thank you. But why 35 degrees?

I don’t understand exactly what you mean.

To be a round sum (just to get an idea of what you have to do, it was actually 37.5), you rotated the top profile with respect to the bottom one by 75 degrees. Since you add the profile in the middle of the vertical distance between the two, it is normal for the profile to be turned half way there. :wink:

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If you put the intermediate profile half way between the ends, you should rotate it half the angle between the ends. By my reckoning it should really be about 37°.

If you set up your model the way I showed, sse the Skin Contours tool in Curviloft instead of Loft along path.


Yes. I got it now and it worked. This is also a solution. Thank you very much.