Curved solid not normal to coordinate axes

I’m trying to create a curved solid with the arch(es) and profiles below. The profile needs to stay aligned with the coordinate axes whereas the arch is a rotated curve. Follow me produces a nice curve but the profile ends up normal to the plane of the curve. Lower Arch with Profiles.skp (31.4 KB)

Like this?

Yes. I’m guessing you created two solids then used the difference tool? You are too fast man.

Nope. Not at all. I copied one of your curves and the profile at one end and used Eneroth Upright Extruder… Due to the small size of your model, I used the Dave Method. I made a component of that geometry, copied the component, scaled it up by a factor of 1000 and then edited the giant copy to use Upright Extruder. After Upright Extruder finished, I closed the component and deleted the giant copy. Zoom Extents back to the original.

Ah, the old Eneroth Upright Extruder combined with the Dave Method! Of course, should have known! Ha!

Seriously, much thanks.

Compatibility goes up to SU 2019. Is there a way to use that with SU 2020 (i.e. does the 2020 license entitle me to use a previous version)?

Eneroth Upright Extruder works in SU2020 just fine. So does the Dave Method That’s what I’m using.

Success. First try I forgot the Dave Method and wound up with a fractured mess.

Much appreciated.

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When I make a component of the extrusion and import it into another drawing file, the component renders like this. Any idea why that happens?

Thank you.

Sorry. I spoke too soon. I was saving the component by a previously used file name with the intention of replacing the faulty extrusion. The extrusion properly imports with a new filename. SU dialog asked the “Filename.skp already exists. Do you want to replace it?”. Answered yes. Opened the other drawing file, then imported “Filename.skp”. What shows is the old file. Wonder why that happens?

I should say, I know exactly why it happens. SU is using the previous file. Are files saved in a temp directory somewhere that the active drawing file uses? Preferences show only one directory for Components.