Eneroth Extruder Stopping Mid length


One of those days I think.

Just installed Eneroth Extruder to use, and for some reason the shape I am trying to extrude is stopping mid extrude. The Path I have chosen is a continuous edge, but it stops part way through.

Hoping someone can help, please.

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Are you sure there’s no fork at that point? Can you share the .skp file? Privately is fine if you don’t want it to be public.

Hi @DaveR

Hope you are well.

It’s supposed to be a long single edge. A couple of Screen shots attached, with different paths selected.

Would be easier I think to share the screen, maybe.

Just trying to extrude a wall along a boundary and for what I thought would be a simple 5 minute job… 1 hour later.


Doing well, indeed. And you?

Is the line for the wall straight and horizontal?

Seeing your .skp file would help.

Yes, ok thankyou.

I’ll share it on Dropbox, if that’s ok.

Hopefully that should work.


Got it. Let me see what I can see.

Basically, if you hide everything, such as buildings, Railway etc etc. you should be left with a cross section of a wall and two paths.

I created two paths to see if it made a difference.


The approach was to use Upright Extruder to keep the wall upright as the terrain does undulate a bit.


Like an idiot, I should have shared this confidentially too.

Remove the link in your other post.

Hi Michael, I think you misunderstand what upright extruder does. It prevents your profile from twisting like follow-me does when having more complicated paths…
On a straight line as a path it would do exactly the same as follow-me, and in this case you could also use push-pull.

Thank you @tweenulzeven

However, the path is not straight as it undulates up and down and curves to the right along its length.


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sorry, seemed like a straight line in your first pics…

No worries @tweenulzeven

I think it is because it is so long. I should have uploaded the last picture as well.


That 2nd picture looks very strange…
Have you tried follow-me btw?

Yes, follow me works, so I might have to resort to that.

It’s London, so I can just say the wall is knackered and twisted :wink:


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:laughing: I guess you could…

Did you try to move the path and profile out of the drawing before extruding? It looks as if the extrusion is interacting with something hidden…
Just guessing here…

Yeah, tried a few different things, which is why there are two paths shown. Also tried welding so the path is one long curve.


There’s a tiny little segment in your path right next to the profile. The profile is also not square to the first part of the path. I deleted about the first 500mm or so of the path and redrew that and I rotate the profile so it is perpendicular to the first segment. Follow Me worked fine then.

I’ll send the file back to you privately.

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Copy your ‘section wall’ at the end of the path > select both profiles and the path > use Curviloft - Loft along path.

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