Need a Solid Creation Tool or Technique

I am looking for a solid creation tool or a technique so that I can create a solid between two faces, connected by a curved path, somewhat like the “follow-me” tool, but able to transform the solid around the curved and angled path. I’m trying to create a handrail for a stair that goes from a flat level, curving up to the stair run. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


I would be inclined to just use Eneroth Upright Extruder to make the extrusion.

Do you really want the square corners on the flat part?

For the same profile you should follow Daves suggestion, if they are not the same, Curviloft can create that transition…

Eneroth Upright Extruder works well for some applications, but in this instance, the profile needs to be at right angles to the path of extrusion, not upright.

I’m still in early design for this rail, I do have a flat curve path leading to the stair run that I will look at as well.

You can cut the upper end off after the extrusion so it’s perpendicular. That’s a trivial operation.

If the profile is upright rather than perpendicular to the path, the shape will be slightly different, slightly elongated in the upright direction.

Correct, I’d give curviloft a try. It may work well enough.
See this thread: Curved Handrail


Thanks. Curviloft does seem to do what I’m looking for.