Staircase handrail


Hello, I am trying to figure out how to properly model a complex valute at the end of a handrail. the follow me tool doesn’t work as the profile gets twisted as it goes around the curve, not to mention the geometry doesn’t merge into itself when it connects to itself around the curve. (I hope this makes sense)

Attached it an image I found on the web for what I am trying to accomplish.


I’d use Eneroth’s Upright Extruder from the Extension Warehouse.


How would you create a connected circle at the end where the geometry would go into itself?
In your scenario, you started at the end where the full circle should be.


I would draw the center “button” separately and combine it with the extruded rail. You’ll need to use Intersect Faces and do some cleanup afterwards.


Thank you.


I’d also recommend “Profile Builder” for this too, with one of its benefits being able to make subsequent follow me adjustments.

As for the spiral::confounded:
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The same upright profile for both sloped and flat parts wouldn’t be technically correct. It should be perpendicular to the path. The key is in the illustration: the spiral part is totally flat and then the change in pitch happens without any spiral. @DaveR’s path looks right. The built in follow me tool should keep the profile perpendicular to the path OK.


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