Curved section plane

Hi all,

i am wondering is there a way to make a curved section plane in order to have a longitutional profile of a structure?

For example, lets say we have a pedestrian tunnel which has an alignement curve at one end because of an excisting building. In order to hand over proper 2D drawings, I have to hand over longitudinal section of that tunnel (i’ve marked it with red on the screenshot below).

Is there a way to create that section view with SketchUp? Is it possible to create curved section plane?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

you can’t create a curved section plane in sketchup (and I’ve never seen 2D sections from “curved sections” in my short life as an architect, your tunnel should be cut by a 3-segments-section from what I can see)
but you could get close to it by slicing your tunnel vertically (the more it turns the more you should slice), making group for each slice, and then place a perpendicular active section inside each group. That would be quite long…

The other solution would be to intersect your tube with a curved plane in the middle of the tube, cutting it in half. But you won’t be able to act on sketchup section tools anymore and will have to work around hidden objects or layers to go from the plain to the cut state.

That’s the best I can think of to get close of a curved section, but none of these solutions will give you a developed 2D cut from it.

only a 3 segments cut would, by exporting each of the 3 cuts and assembling them.