Staggered Section Cut


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So is it possible to create a staggered section cut ? I have a model of a site and I want the section to zig-zag across the model so it doesn’t cut through any buildings.

Also - how do you orientate a view to a section cut ?

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I don’t know any easy way to do this in SketchUp itself, but there might be a way to do multiple section planes and then stack the viewports in layout to stitch together the desired effect. I’m not a Layout expert, so I’ll defer to someone who is.


Thank you

I actually want to export it to AutoCAD so I can play with the line weights if at all possible.


Well, you could use ACAD as the place to composite the multiple section parts into one long one.


OK - so how do I create multiple small sections ?


You place multiple section planes in the model. In 2018, each one gets a number. Each section plane will be through the whole model, but when you collect them, just use the portion you want. For the first section plane, you might use just from point A to B, then with a second section plane from B to C etc.


Oh - I was hoping there was a way to create smaller sections ? Is there not ?


You can 3D model a staggered section. Draw your staggered section with planes…

Intersect the geometry and model your section how you like it…

Just be sure to save a backup before you try this…

While in parallel projection mode… right click a section, then click “align view”.


Forestr - fantastic - how do I 3D model a staggered section ?


So it means deleting some of the model right ?


That’s what I thought @Forestr meant. That physically changes your model, so that’s why he says make a backup first. You may want to think about whether you want to do that on a copy of the model instead.

Using the SU section tool is only one simple plane, but it doesn’t physically alter the model.


You can just hide that portion, and bring it back later. There will be lines through your model where you made the cut unless you hide them when you bring back the hidden chunk of model.


Here’s how I would do it.

  1. City Model (fm 3D warehouse)
  2. Figure out where your multi-section cut line is going
  3. Divide model into zones based on cut
  4. Group zones
  5. Add section cuts inside of groups
  6. All sections active at once.
  7. Align view with cut
  8. Export cut(s) to CAD…this part unfortunately needs to be done for each section as there’s no batch section export function (yet).


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