Curved edges and sketchy style

is there a trick to getting curved edges to look better when using sketch style edges?

they either don’t render at all if LOD is too low, and even with LOD maxed out they still don’t look very smooth

i tried /many/ variations and they all seem to have the same issue:

even with LOD at highest setting the chairs disappear completely at zoomed out (cropped example)

You can weld the segments and see if it helps…


As @Cotty wrote, welding the edges is a way to deal with that. I find Eneroth Auto Weld to be indispensible for this because it’ll weld anything that can be welded in a selection. It also automatically welds profiles after Follow Me.

It can also help to export your images from SketchUp at a larger size.

Example: All of the edges in this model had the Auto Weld treatment.

The larger sized image is here.

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