Cursor goes automatically refresh

Hi guys. Here I have an issue regarding modeling in SketchUp 2020.
Example. during selection an object cursor goes automatically refresh (undo).
mean cursor goes refresh after few seconds continuously. then I have to again request for command in very short time. this issue I’m facing just in this model. in same time if i do work in other SketchUp with an other simple model there I don’t have this issue. Please Help. Thank you

Isn’t entirely clear - at least to me - what that means?
What object are you selecting? What does it that means if the cursor automatically refresh and how does it related to undo? The cursor jumping to the undo icon…or how? What you meant to request for command? What kind of command? Do you need or want to select a specific tool?
Can you please try to explain it with other words… Screenshots, screenrecord?

Is your operating system is still Windows 7, and you are using that graphic card what is in your profile? Please update your profile with proper data!

Perhaps, if you have a problem with the certain model, the best if you are upload here (or to some Cloud service) and someone can take a look.

BTW. You created a topic- with the same content - yesterday. One is enough! : FAQ - SketchUp Community