Curriculum not loading

I am trying to get my students set up with Sketchup for schools…when we log in and go to the curriculum I get an error saying refused to connect. All of the G Suite settings are enabled.

We are trying to access from G Suite accounts.

Please help!

Hi @muenchr thanks for the post and sorry for the delay in my reply. I must have missed this thread. I have confirmed that the servers are up and that the curriculum is displaying correctly on my end. While not an ideal solution, for can always just access the curriculum in a different tab as a workaround by using this URL:

So I can start looking into a solution for you, what browser are you using? Knowing this will help me determine the next steps we need to take.

we are having the same issue. Our students could access the curriculum tab for several weeks then it just stopped working and said refuse to connect. We have check with technology and all necessary links are not blocked. The work around website did work but would love the in app tab to work

Try resetting the settings and or check the pop-up permissions. Close all the failed tabs and try again. It’s a fix that works for us.

Hi again everyone, I was finally able to replicate the issue using Chrome. After some troubleshooting with Tori, we were able to find a bad cached file that was the cause of the issue. Try clearing the cached files and see if that fixes it. If it does not fix the issue, let me know and we can look at trying to find another solution.