Sketchup for Schools Curriculum not loading

Hi Sketchup community! I am an educator and we are starting to learn Sketchup. I discovered the amazing Curriculm tutorials and now when we try to open them they will not load up… I thought it was my school internet but it is also not working at home… It was working only a few days ago. The only way we can access them is through the You Tube tutorials, but this is not ideal as they students don’t have the model to work with as they watch. Any ideas? Help! Thanks :slight_smile: Erin

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Having the same issue - Any update from the Sketchup Team?

Hi Gayle, none yet. The strange thing is that 3 students in the class were eventually able to load the tutorial in Modeling mode, but I can no longer load it at home or at work and the rest of the class has no luck either. Super frustrating! I hope we can get a solution because these tutorials are perfect for teaching kids!

Hi @erinseamone, Hi @gjcajee

Sorry for the delay in our replies. We are in the midst of getting caught up after our user conference last week. I just wanted to let you know I am looking into the issue right now and so far have not been able to reproduce the issue. Is there anything special that you or your students may have done before you tried to access the curriculum? I am eager to get your issue solved.

Thanks - The following are not loading for us:

Design Your Dream Home Part 1: Model a 2D Floor Plan.
Design Your Dream Home Part 2: Turning 2D Into 3D
Design Your Dream Home Part 3: Prep the Model to Print
SketchUp Obstacle Course **
Design Your Own Flag
3D Modelling for Geometry Class **

The rest are loading ok. The two marked with ** were loading fine last week, but haven’t loaded since about Friday.

Nothing special - Accessed either via last week’s bookmarked link, or the “waffle” icon - Using Google Chrome/MacOS.

They are able to work on all the other modules without issue.

Hi Casey, Thank you for the help. Today I was able to get on the modeling tutorial for the first time in a few days, and about half of the class. I’m not really sure what the issue could be. The Sketchup logo will just spin around and not load, however, they are able to load up Sketchup on its own, just not the modeling tutorials.

Thank you for the reply. Any ideas appreciated. It was great to see it work for a few more people today, but I don’t understand the inconsistency. I work on a MacBookPro and couldn’t get on for days, they work on Chromebooks so there are different machines in the room, but I am not sure the reason for this issue. Thank you, Erin

@erinseamone @gjcajee Thanks for sharing your updates. It sounds like you’re trying to load the tutorials from the website rather than in the app directly, is that the case? If so, do you have any better luck when loading them directly from within the curriculum tab in the app? I’ve highlighted where you can find that from the home page in the image below.

If you see a different response here that may help us narrow down the source of the issue.

Hi Tori, I have tried loading them from both places. Right now, everything seems to be working. I will get some feedback from the students tomorrow and see if we are back on track. Thanks! Erin

We are using the web version, pupils are logged in via Google accounts, they are then clicking on Curriculum to access the options.

Thanks for confirming @erinseamone !

@gjcajee Are you and your students still experiencing the issues with loading?

Hi - yes we are. Thanks!

@gjcajee I just wanted to let you know that we’re investigating this on our end, and we’ll be sure to update you when we have more troubleshooting suggestions.

Thank you, we are still having intermittent issues. Today they are working for me, I will see what works for the students this afternoon

I am having issues with this as well - cannot load the Sketchup Obstacle Course curriculum even though I used it with students about a few weeks ago. Has this been addressed? I am using a MacBook Air while my students are using Chromebooks, but we all are using the Sketchup for Schools in-browser app.

We have been having the same issues. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s frustrating for students. To bad, I have been using Sketchup for my engineering and architecture classes for 10 years. It won’t be long before everyone goes back to Autodesk products.