Sketchup for Schools Curriculum not loading

Hello again. So I am having some luck with the lessons but still struggling a bit. I have 4 kids who were able to get in to a lesson and 1 who never got in. Another student was able to complete 1 lesson but couldn’t get in to the second lesson. Is this a normal struggle? What can I do to help make this an easier process? It is frustrating when some can work and other cannot.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Currently, most of my students and I are unable to open the provided model for the obstacle course lesson. Below is a screenshot showing that the screen will not load. Any and all advice on getting this screen to load will be greatly appreciated!

Hi again everyone, sorry I have not been posting lately. I am still trying to replicate the issue on our end and keep failing to do so. It is strange too that it is only affecting some students and seems to come and go. It is definitely not a normal behavior.

As a first step, we always recommend making sure that the app is deployed properly and that you try clearing the cache and cookies of the computer, just to make sure that we are starting off with a clean environment. If that does not resolve things, we can proceed to some additional steps and maybe a support call to get you back up and running.

It would also be nice to know if it is isolated to a particular browser or if it persists across multiple browsers.

Update 10/2/2023 11:30 AM MST
Tori was just able to replicate the issue and we may have a guess what the cause is. I’ll update this thread as we continue to work on a fix for it

Hello Everyone, thank you so much for your patience as we work to address this curriculum access issue. I wanted to let you all know that we have identified the bug that is affecting the “Start Modeling” launch option and are actively working on a fix which you should see an update for very soon. As we are heading into the weekend for both our teams and yours, I wanted to make sure that you heard from us before the end of the day.

As we work on our bug fix, our curriculum content remains available through both the basic video and written lesson options. In the case of our Design Your Dream Home Series, Design Your Own Flag and Obstacle course videos, the base lesson models are all available through the 3DW in the SketchUp for Schools Components panel. (pictured below)

To add a model to a new file, open the Components panel, search for one of the file names listed below, and then click to add it to your model. Keep an eye on the creator name shown below the thumbnail and look for “By SketchUp”. Once the models have been added, you and your students can follow along with the videos or written lessons directly.

3DW Model Names:
SketchUp for Schools - Design Your Own Flag
SketchUp for Schools - SketchUp Obstacle Course
Design Your Dream Home Part 1: Model a 2D Floor Plan
Design Your Dream Home Part 2: Turning 2D into 3D
Design Your Dream Home Part 3: Prep the Model to Print

Once again, thank you all for reaching out to us, and keep an eye out for an update with the fix!

Hello Educators! I’m happy to say that we released a fix for this curriculum issue yesterday evening, and you should now be able to access all SketchUp for Schools curriculum in the manner that best suits you and your students. Please let us know if you have any other questions, and thank you all again for your patience.

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