SketchUp for Schools- Curriculum not working


My school uses the browser-based Gsuite app Sketchup for Schools.

Today, I’ve had a staff member report that they cannot access the ‘Curriculum’ part of the app. When they attempt this, they get a ‘refused to connect’ message as shown below.

I also noticed that this link that I found via a Google search returns a 404 error:

Has this functionality been discontinued? I could not find any announcement or information that indicates this.


Not discontinued. Either the service is temporarily down (there was another 404 issue recently), or a dead link (changed in the website redesign).

Another thing to try is to clear the browser cache and cookies for the domain “*”. Otherwise I am sure it will be fixed soon.

Thanks for the reply. I hope that you are correct- there has been no change on our end and it has been nearly 24 hours since the issue was first reported to me.

We’re aware and we have our best people working on it.

Please try to access the Curriculum folder now.

Seems to be working again now, thanks for your help

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