Curic to Level

Does anyone know if there is a link to an older version of Curic to Level that would work on Sketchup 2017

Curic to Level

That is to version 2. It doesn’t work on 2017

Version 2 hasn’t really improved my workflow and this post prompted me to reinstall version 1 but the rbz file wasn’t anywhere obvious and I had to delve into my Google Drive and discovered an old backup of my plugins folder containing the version 1 files.

I zipped them up and renamed as an rbz and it’s working for me - I had to restart SketchUp after installing via the Extension Manager.

curic_to_level.rbz (15.1 KB)

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Nothing to do with me but make sure the license allows you to post the rbz.

Noted Box - thanks.

Couldn’t find any license info… @curic4su are you OK with this?

No problem :smiley:

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I tried the Version I rbz file on SketchUp 2017. It says it needs 20+ to work.