Curic Stretch

I think when I use Curic Stretch and have a bunch of similar Components all named (Definition) the same, it renames (Definition) them all separately? Does this sound familiar? For example, if I had 5 identical Components named “Post”, then after the stretch, they would be named Post, Post#1, Post#2, Post#3 and Post#4…


I’ve never used that extension so I can’t say anything about the naming. It implies it’s making each post component unique. Is there a reason for using the extension to change the lengths of your posts? If you edit one of the post components and use Push/Pull or Move as appropriate, all of the posts would get the same treatment and remain instances of the same component definition.

Move might be appropriate in cases where there is joinery detail, maybe that the top of the post, that also need to move with the top of it.

Look at the setting and turn off/on “Make Unique ?”, as you need.

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To follow up with you, Dave, I had some horizontal components (like rails in a fence) and the lowest rail had to be lowered. I also have other vertical spacers between the rails, that in my mind, makes for a logical use for Curic Stretch (changes a bunch of Components simultaneously). There might be a better way.


Ah … Understood.

That worked, thx!

I am a Make 2017 user and only have a few extensions loaded and try to accomplish results by using native tools.

How I would achieve what you are trying to do using your extension is as follows;
if you have a bunch, say 10 identical components and want to change 8 of them, select the 8 and make them unique. You will now have 2 originals which retain the original component name, say ‘Post’ and the other 8 will be named ‘Post#1’ that can be renamed if required. You now have 10 Components that look identical but are named slightly differently, 2x ‘Post’ and 8x ‘Post#1’. The 2 originals will react to modification identically and the other 8 will not. If you modify any of the other 8, only the other 7 will be altered in the same way. If you then need to modify a few more you can follow the same steps and end up with ‘Post#2’ named components that you can modify in the same way.


Didn’t know I could change that setting. Curic Stretch is a tool I use all the time. Stretching without deformation should be a native tool. Bonkers why it’s still not.

Many of the Curic extensions have several functions specified on the additional icons, right click or in the status bar.

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There is context menu with right click when active the tool. Let uncheck it.
Screenshot 2024-01-17 215823