How to make all identical Components have the same Definition

New to SketchUp. I created a bunch of identical Components for different areas of my Model. Is there any way to give them all the same Definition name so my Report will list them all under the same Label?

If they were all identical they would already have the same Definition Name. You can select components in the model space, then, in the Components window, right click on the thumbnail for the definition you want them to have. Choose Replace Selected. The select components will all be replaced with instances of the one you right clicked on.

My experience (just starting out) was that if I was using the identical component somewhere else in the Model (only in a different orientation, seems like it rotated all of them) that I needed to make it Unique. Maybe I was wrong. Is this what you are referring to:

this doesn’t seem to be editable? Yea, I’m really this green :confused:.


If you edit the component and rotate the geometry within it they would all show the rotation. But if that’s all you are doing, just rotate the component not the geometry inside it.

You are looking at Entity Info not the Components panel. Look at the Components panel.

I have my component selected, but I don’t think it’s showing anything…

Click on the house icon, there search the component.

Click on the house icon to go to the In Model components.

Ok, this is starting to make some sense. If I want all these components (that are exactly the same size) to have the same “Definition” name of TCCP, how do I do that?

As I told you, select the ones in the model space that need to be changed. Right click on the thumbnail of the one you want to replae them with, choose Replace Selected. You could also select all those components in Outliner and then do the same Replace Selected in the Components window.

Ok, got it. Thank you very much for everyone’s help.

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