Find Identical Components

Does anyone know how to identify components that are exactly the same and combine them? I have a model with 1000s of components, but many are exact copies of each other. At one point they were made unique but I would like them to be connected again. Is there an extension out there that can do this?

For example, say you have


They are all the same but unique. Is there a plugin that can find them all and replace them all with the same component? I understand I could do this manually, but is there another way?

In the Components browser right click on the component you want to replace and click Select Instances. Then right click on the one you want to replace them with and choose Replace Selected.

Thanks. I understand how to do it manually, but is there an extension that would auto detect the similar components and merge them?

Merge? What do you mean by merging? Do you want to replace some components with others?

If you have a component and you make 5 unique copies, how do you undo that. Make 5 unique components, that are actually identical, 5 copies of the same component.

Select the ones that shouldn’t be unique. You can do that in the model space or Outliner if you want. Then right click on the one you want to replace them with in Components and choose Replace Selected.

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Hi @thorndikedev

I think that you could be interested by this :wink:

It’s the excellent thomthom’s Component Comparison

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