[Q] make several components behave as one 'unique'


Getting models from others which containing load of unique components, which however are symmetrical replicas of each other but ‘made unique’ and thus not offering the same behaviour when manipulating one.

Is there a way of a ‘make unique’ reversal - I would like to select those replicas and make them behave the same when manipulating one, that without having to wipe all but one and then spawn new replicas from the one master?


If you are sure they are the same, simply select them all, then right click on the one you want them all to be in the component browser window and Click Replace Selected. Then purge unused and the list will clean up.


Or with Thomthoms plugin Component Comparison.


Thanks a bunch, both!

The trouble I am facing though is that the components in question turn out to be ‘solid’ components! For which either method is apparently not applicable, Now I have to look up what a solid component is and what the difference to a normal component is… This is getting a bit confusing - component, dynamic component, solid component… hope that are not many other types of components


There is no difference in the behaviour of “solid” components and other ones, except that the solids report their volume in the Entity Info window and that they can be manipulated with the Solid tools.



I’ve tried with solid components before my answer… it works.


Humble apologies, you are right, it does work - as shown in the color coded comparison




Since Thomthoms plugin Component Comparison did not pick up all components I want to do some manually through the the component browser. For some reason though the components are not showing in the component browser and instead getting this error


It’s hard to say exactly what you are doing to get this, but that is the error you get when you try to paste a component inside itself.
You can’t do that because you are attempting to create an infinite loop, hence the recursive bit.


Just open the component browser and click on the listed component and the error happens, not attempting to



This is where sharing the model saves you and those trying to help you a lot of time and frustration.