CTRL-Z does not work properly when under components

CTRL-Z does not work properly when under components
I presse ctrl z and nothing undo…or sometimes take very long to undo…This never happen before but now its happening sometimes
How to fix it?


I can see from one of your other posts that you use vray. Vray sometimes adds invisible actions in the history (such as texture modifications).
When you feel nothing happens when you hit ctrl-Z, check what’s the last action done in the edit menu, to see if i’m right.
If so, disable Vray, restart sketchup and see if you still have the problem.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your forum profile.

Paul might have hit the solution.

Thanks Paulo but I think its not Vray because I didn’t open it in yet to render

version 2020

it doesn’t have to be in the render. As long as vray (which is a plugin after all) is loaded, it will have an effect on sketchup.

I see it, but in the version that vray is not installed its happening the same. I think the problem is that the undo is set as Alt+baspace, but everytime I change to ctrl-z it and it keeps coming back as alt+backspace when I restart the program…I dont know what bug is thatimage

and when I press alt+backspace it happens this image

There’s no bug. Ctrl+Z is hard coded in Windows for Undo. There’s no need to change that shortcut because Ctrl+Z will work just as well as Alt+Backspace. Alt will pop up a menu if the menu bar is in focus. Just ignore Alt+Backspace and use Ctrl+Z.

image I try every time to take off the alt+backspace but it keeps coming back

As I wrote. Ignore it. They are hard coded. You can’t change that. Just use Ctrl+Z.