Hello, could you please advise how can I display crosshairs in SketchUp Free?

Many thanks

What do you mean by crosshairs? Did you see them in SketchUp Pro/Make on the desktop?

It’s currently not an option in SU Free.
@Aerilius he means the crosshairs option for the cursor.

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If you mean the kind of thing that you get in AutoCad, say, where you use a cross as a “pointer” (and it size can be user defined), I am not aware of its existence in Sketchup. It is more of a 2D tool.

Many thanks

Hi jb,

I’m curious (if you are willing to share): do the 'crosshairs/ help you see your modeling workspace better, or are do they help you model more efficiently?


I would guess that if you were running SketchUp on a 4K monitor at 100% UI scaling, using the crosshairs might help you find the cursor. I haven’t felt the need in SketchUp, but in my main BIM app I turned the crosshairs on, especially as it falis to support my 4K and 125%UI properly.

Hello Mark,

It helps to see the axes I am designing on or the direction I am moving a geometry in the drawing area.

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I sometimes use crosshair to easier see what vertex of a circle is the most extreme in any direction. It is very easy to pick wrong vertex, especially when you have lots of segments.




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