Crop imported images (newbie's question)


Hello everyone. I don’t know how to crop/cut some of parts of imported image. Could you give me a hint?


I’ve found it best to crop the image before importing it. If you import it as a texture, you can use the texture alignment tools so that only the visible portion you want is within the surface boundaries. For example I created a rectangle and then imported a photo as a texture and applied it to the rectangle:

Then I right-clicked on the image and selected “Texture | Position” and moved the push-pins to define the visible cropping I wanted:

Then clicking-and-dragging the push-pins to the corners of my rectangle:

The end result (the full image is still there, however, so it’s still best to crop it before importing it):

Note that the location of the push-pins stretched the image in X. Scaling the rectangle scales the image back to normal again:

After-thought …

You can also just move the edges of the rectangle after applying an image to it as a texture :slight_smile:


If the image will be used as a texture, after it is on some face, crop the face to desired border of texture, r>click on texture and choose to make unique texture.


Thanks for help! Using textures helps me.