HELP! Fitting in an image

Hey Sketchuppers!!! Can someone please tell me how can I fit an image to a face of a geometry, plsss…

Crop the image tight to the blue area first. Then instead of importing it as an image, import it as a texture and apply it to the face of the arch.

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Thanks for the help! Can you please explain me what do you mean by “cropping th eimage tight to the blue area first”?

Open the image in an image editor and crop it right up to the blue area. It’ll leave the section inside the arch as transparent pixels but that’s OK.

If you share the image file, I’ll crop it so you can see what I mean.

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Did you upload the .png file you used in SketchUp?

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yess, it was a png

OK. The forum converted it to a JPG file.

So here’s how it opens in the image editor. The black is the background in the image editor.

Lot’s of epmty space outside of the blue.

I cropped to the blue and made the area inside the arch transparent.

Here’s a zip file of the resulting .png. The forum software shouldn’t convert this to .jpg. (416.8 KB)

Here’s a quickie from SketchUp showing it applied as a material.


Thank youuu very muchh! Can you share with me the program you used?

I used PaintDotNet as the image editor.

By the way, what operating system are you using? “2024” is not an operating system.

I’m new to applying materials, when i try to fit the image it multiplies itself.How can I fix it?

Evidently you haven’t set the size of the texture correctly. Either edit it in the Materials panel or import it and size it correctly from the start.