Scaling images to suit geometry for material files

I’m having problems getting created images in PS to fit the geometry of my model as ‘materials’

This is an example, essentially a computer screen.

How do I scale that or any I make to fit the model? That screen as measured is 0.4m by 0.26m

Thanks in advance for any help here.

At this stage you could go to the In Model materials, select the texture and click On Edit. Then edit the dimensions. If I were adding your texture I would have started out by using File>Import to bring the image in as a texture and I would have applied it to the face starting at the lower left corner and then dragging across to the right edge. That would make it the right size from the beginning.

By the way, maybe you could update your forum profile since you aren’t using SketchUp 8.

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I thought of that Dave, but that screen thing is on an angle, so it didn’t work too well. And adjusting the size in material edit resulted in what you see above.

Oh! Thank you for that advice.

Can you share the model file and the image you imported?

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Right click on the face with the tiled material and select “Texture > Position” and proceed to resize and place it exactly as you desire.

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You can also try this. Click is sequence on the Scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Computer screen.skp (1.1 MB)

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@DaveR @monospaced @jean_lemire_1

Thank you all for your amazing help. I did manage to work it out eventually and found importing the image works, my first attempts were merely panic when I saw this tiny image appear. Then it hit me with the auto scaling. Brilliant.

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