Créer une face sur un plan complexe

Bonjour, je me suis attaqué à la modélisation d’un nez de Train (x73500), J’aimerai savoir comment faire pour le “remplir” de faces, pour l’instant il n’est que fils de fer.
Voilà !

With Curviloft plugin

or with Sandbox > From Contours

Plugin must be downloaded ? Or they are already in sketchup ?

Sandbox it’s already in SketchUp (View > Toolbars), Curviloft will need to be installed.

Ok thanks,

When I have this, can i reduce numbers of polygone ? To have fewer faces ?

Yes, it is possible. It is best to use the ‘right’ number of segments from the beginning.

If you already have a mesh with a large number of polygons that you want to reduce, you can use some plugins:

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