Creation of the 3D technical drawing of a watchband

My name’s Herve, I’m a bit new with 3D sketchup drawing, I followed the online course but nevertheless I can’t draw very well.

I have to draw watch bands in various lengths, widths, shapes of the relief.
Could someone guide me on the steps to follow to get the result ?
I would really appreciate your help.
Best Regards

PS : And as a gift, I’ll offer you a leather watchband made by me.

draw the profile and push pull

for the pointed one, do a simialr operation and then intersect with the other profile and delte the unwanted parts ( sorry sloppy gif). (In the pro version these operations can be done with solid toolss)


dear steve
thanks you very much for this animation.
I must say I’m a bit confused with this solution, I could not one second imagine such a way.
But it’s not clear for me how to draw the shape of the relief, which is both rounded and diminishing at the same time. Relief can have round or square shape, can have different thickness
I also would like to know how to draw the stitching thread which goes up and down through the material.