Creating uneven slopes

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Hi all,

The attached file is supposed to show a sloped flower bed (to the left of the steps). It looks empty at the moment as if there’s no soil in it. How do I create the sloped surface to make it look like it is a sloped flower bed? If it wasn’t sloped I could use the Push-Pull tool. Have found a couple of youtube tutorials for creating terrain but they’re not for the web version of Sketchup and I can’t find the various tools that they use to create uneven terrain.


Use the Line tool




Many thanks for these videos. How do I scroll back and forth in the videos? I can only see a play/pause button…

Why are you reversing the faces?

It’s an animated gif, you can use Photoshop or you can search on YouTube after ‘animated gif control’

White is the front face, blue is the back face, and if you want to work correctly, then orient the faces correctly, with the white facing outwards, visible.

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