Is there a plug-in to raise the selected surface without slope on sloping land?

Hi community

I need to model my site plan on sloping terrain for my project exam.
Since the selected surface area I superimposed on the land is also inclined, when I use the push command, the surface above is also inclined. Is it possible to raise it to a flat surface?
I took an image from YouTube as an example (it doesn’t belong to me)

It’s hard to understand exactly what yuo want but maybe just using the Move tool to raise the sloped surface is all yu need.

What version of SketchUp are you really using. Your profile says Free Plan 2023 but that’s not what your screenshot shows.

I removed the round surface in the sloping area. I want it to be straight as I have indicated with the red line.

Vertex tools

Or intersect faces with a level plane and delete the top…

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Stamp tool.

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