Adjusting the slope of a hill

I am modelling some basic topography in my back yard. I have it pretty much figured out except for one thing as illustrated in the image attached.

I need to pull point A down to where point B is. This will provide a sloped face from point c.

I’m unsure how to achieve this.

su2.skp (3.4 MB)

You can move a single point in SketchUp with the move tool, but it’s not obvious. If you pre-select anything before getting the move tool, that selected thing will be what gets moved, but if nothing is selected when you get the move tool, you can click on an individual point and move it. The quadrangle will have to fold to move that point, so you can either pre-divide it into two triangles, or let autofold handle it.

Also, an alternative move is to move point A to point C, no folding needed.

Hi RTCool, thank you for your help. I moved A to C, but it resulted in a second face being creating, a 2nd triange. I 'm unsure now how to merge the two into one face.

I erased the the line between the two triangle from Point A to the point adjacent to B, and it left me lost even more.

Right, you have four points that don’t lie in one planar surface, so it has to be made of two triangles, either that way or the other two corners connected. Maybe you would prefer it this way?Triangulation 1

Once you have the non coplanar face divided by an extra edge, you can smooth the new diagonal edge.

You have most of your faces the wrong way around, sketchup has back and front faces, white is the front. I’ve used Orient Faces to flip them around.
Everything in sketchup is made of straight edges and flat faces, so to make a ‘curved’ surface you need to soften/smooth the edges that form the ‘surface’. Here I have use ctrl with the eraser tool to soften the diagonal. This is only a graphic trick, the geometry is still two flat faces.

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