Help a noob to draw a sloped face


I am almost finished with a model that i need but i am really new to this and I have little to no clue how to use this program. I Need to slope a face of a object gradually. I don’t know of a way to do this. I need it 11mm at the top and it needs to slope down to 4mm at the bottom. is there a tool to do this? anyone know of any videos that could explain this to me?


It’ll be much easier to give you guidance if you provide the SKP file so we can see exactly what you’ve got and what the next steps need to be.


Draw the shape.
PushPull it up 11mm.
Use the MoveTool, and drag the sloped edge down 7mm.
(Hover the MoveTool cursor over the edge to drag, until the edge highlights, then click-hold+drag.)


I would love too but its a project for a small business i am running and i don’t want it stolen… That is why i was asking about a tool to use on that or perhaps a video i could watch.


Well, with so little information provided, it’s impossible to point you to exactly the right tools or videos to show you how to get what you want. Maybe Dan has give you something that will work but it’s hard to say.


I do not have screen capture installed.

I suggest the noob read the User Guide and this page in particular:


Taken that the slope is determined by 11mm minus 4mm and the length of the face (one of its bounding edges) you best be using the ‘Pie’ tool as native tool.


There are many ways to do most things in SU, here is another one.


You need to mention what specifies the slope. Only the difference between two sides “leaves” you with an infinite number of slope options. Is it a projection of a face (see @Box’s solution) or a matter of rotation of an existing face? (@my ‘Pie’ solution above)?


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