Cannot seem to connect a plane diagonally to a reference point! ARGH

Good Afternoon,

I am having an issue with connecting a point or line of a plane to another point or line diagonally.

Not sure what I am doing wrong here but it just will not recognize the point I am trying to connect to and always ends up being completely off.

Here are some screenshots

Chair.skp (108.6 KB)


How about uploading the SKP file so we can see exactly what you have?

Sure here it is.

Ideally I want to figure out how to do this so I don’t run into this issue in the future.

Chair.skp (108.6 KB)

OK. Where is it you want the corner to go? Are you trying to move it down to the guide point?

Yes, and also I have circled the points in the screenshots.

Basically trying to connect that entire plane to the two shorter rectangular cubes diagonally.

You can’t deform the rectangle and leave it as a single face. Hold Alt while move the corner. Alt invokes Autofold.

What is your ultimate goal for this model?

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There is no way to keep it as a single face and just have it angled diagonally?

That is what i need :confused:

Yes. It can be kept as a single face. Instead of moving the corner, move the edge. It would be easier to just draw it at the angle you want in the first place, though.

I tried just moving the edge and had the same issue. The angle I want is whatever ends up being achieved once they are connected, as the poles themselves are already measured.

This is what happens when I try to move the edge. Same issue it does not connect and overshoots.

Holding alt does not help with the edge.

Erase the rectangle and then redraw it with the Line tool connecting the points.

How will you be using this model once you have it drawn? The base of the chair is missing some faces and it appears some of the dimensions are not as precise as they might be.

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Oh wow, yeah drawing using the line tool did the trick.

Which faces are missing and which dimensions are not precise?

This is being used as a general model that will be submitted to a factory for a new design.

Dimensions will be provided separately, and am just using this to give them a general idea of what the chair should look like, but I was still trying to have accurate dimensions in the model.

Face missing on the bottom. Extra edges visible, too.


You would find it useful to learn about using components, too.

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Thank you Dave.

I will look at a few more tutorials.

Have a rush deadline and have not used SketchUp in a long time and was never an expert to begin with so just trying to go with what I remember to get this done.

Thanks for your help.

Several other thoughts: The dimensions are only display, SU program accuracy is much more accurate than what you are using; If you use the text tool you will see a number of the dimension are reported as approximate ( ~) reason I almost never use the fraction units option; Use the styles menu and select the option of display axis by color you will see the one that is not parallel to any axis; cursory look it appears you are using different sides of legs as ref point?

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