Creating & Transferring Sketchup Pro Classic License & Installation

Hello all,

My government organization is interested in purchasing a Sketchup Pro Classic license (non-subscription). In the past, I could simply have my accounts administrator purchase a license, give me the licensing key, and away I go. Is it still possible to download and use Sketchup in this simple fashion?

I understand that Sketchup now requires a Trimble account, which requires an e-mail. This creates additional headaches as organizational e-mails are managed by IT Security, require extensive paperwork to approve access permissions, software purchases, software approvals specific to individual computers, etc.

I am an experienced Sketchup User for personal projects. However for the current project I will need to use a commercial license paid for and managed by my employer. I need assistance deciding which route to go:

  1. Create a Trimble through my personal organizational e-mail and do all of the purchasing/installations/licensing through that PLUS:
    *Transfer the license ownership to another organizational e-mail at a future date (in the event that the current e-mail is deactivated) Is this part possible to do?

  2. Have IT create a Trimbe account using a department-wide shared e-mail and do all of the purchasing/installations/licensing through that account. (This will take weeks for them to do)

You can still ask your admin to buy a classic license and send you the details. The license screen change with 2019, it now has a subscription option where the users would sign in with their email address. And there’s a Classic section, where you can add your classic license serial number and authorization code.

You don’t need a Trimble account as such. So far, if you have been signing into 3D Warehouse or Extension Warehouse using the Sign in with Google option, that email address effectively created a Trimble ID. All that has changed recently is that Google turned off the ability to sign into an account from within an application. For SketchUp users who are on version 2019.2 or earlier, that means not being able to sign into those sites from within SketchUp.

The solution to that problem is to take the email address you have already been using, and sign in using it as a Trimble ID. You would get a confirmation email, and set up a password. The Trimble ID password rules are a bit tougher than most, you will need to have a mixture of upper and lower case, numbers, and also special characters.

The email you use should be the one that you have used with 3D Warehouse and Extension Warehouse, that way you can sign in with that email as a Trimble ID, and also still see the extensions you have downloaded in the past.

I’ll stop there for now, so you can ask more questions.

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