Creating this rod with square thread

I need to model the threaded rod in the drawing - with squared off threads:

I’m stumped! This is what I got:

I’m sure there’s an easy way to do this. Can anybody help?

Eneroth has a free extension, Upright extruder.

It works pretty much the same as the normal follow me, except that the profile remains in the same orientation as it was.

aslo, I’m pretty sure @DaveR made a tutorial or a video about making threads, maybe his method applies to square threads too ?

edit : a quick google search gave me this step by step

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Another thread that might help. This is about using native tools and takes much longer.


yes ! I was exactly thinking of that one !
it’s the same technique he published on my link, but it’s local and images are bigger :smiley: :smiley:

I tried installing the upright extruder extension but it complains and won’t let me intall it. “Blocked” “Unsigned”

Change the loading policy to allow it in Extension Manager.

I shared that method here, too. It does work for square threads. And Acme, Whitworth, buttress and any other type of screw threads. Square threads on the clamp screw here.

Clamping Head
And on this grease cup.

Grease Cup Cutaway


Cool. Thanks!

My first try!


2nd try!

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You might be interested in the final. “What the hell is this guy making?” It’s a hoist for a one-man sharksub…

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Interesting. Do you really want square threads for that? Seems like Acme threads would be preferable. Easier to cut for one thing. Very likely available off the shelf, too.

a sharksub ? :smiley:


Thanks but nope. I am SUing the drawings that a designer sends me. This will exist cyber only, not to be actually built.

I see. Stick to what the designer specs. Square threads are harder to cut than other profiles which is why they’ve fallen out of favor.

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