Creating Templates

Hi everybody ;
Is there a way to make a copy of the shape of a custom window ? So as to be able to mark out the shape of the custom window on the desired wall. That way I’d have the exact shape and size for the “cutout”. Thanks…Gary Stanullwich

Copy the outside shape and use it to make a solid “cutter” to cut the opening in the wall.

Dave R :slight_smile:
Thanks for your reply. But, one problem. I’ve already made the custom window a component (so as to be able to work more easily with it within the model). Unless there’s a way to “un-make it” a component ? But I definitely keep your advice in mind. Thanks…Gary Stanullwich

Really? After all this time using SketchUp, you haven’t figured out how to edit a component?

Edit the component and copy out the perimeter edges.

Or just trace the outside perimeter of the window without opening the componet.