Creating platform under floorplan

I have seen that some floorplans have a platform/ height/ base to begin with and on top of that walls or structures are extruded or intruded with help of pish-pull tool. I have drawn this floorplan as my first attempt. Can anybody tell me how do I build a base/platform below this flat floorplan?

4 floor plan.skp (177.5 KB)

Learn from here about the basics of SketchUp:

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I take it that you want to create the basement underneat your floorplan.

Group all geometry that is in your current floorplan. (group, not component)
Copy your group (‘Move’ while hitting [ Ctrl] once to make the move a copy, see the + sign at the cursor) along the Z axis below the floorplan.
You can now work on the lower group in its editing context to convert it into the basement.

p.s. It’s better to work in real size measures in SketchUp, makes life easier for you.

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Thank you. I followed your technique and it worked. But by following this same technique, why am I not able to push-pull base under the floor plan next to the first one.
4 floor plan model.skp (202.9 KB)

You need to learn how surfaces are created in SketchUp, and learn about sticky geometry and groups/components, etc…

It is useful to work on a 1: 1 scale and it is necessary to group each constructive element (walls, floors, terrain, fences…).

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