Basic floor plan


I would like to draw basic floor plan for a bungalow. Flat and not 3d. Brand new to SU. Any ideas or help?


(1) Switch to Top view: Camera (menu) > Standard Views (submenu) > Top

(2) Switch to Parallel Projection: Camera (menu) > Parallel Projection


And make massive use of the line tool and the inference system.


See Aidan’s videos…


Also, adding to what @Cotty advised, use the rectangle tool where it can be used in place of the line tool to save time.

Refer to the following url links for some very helpful introductory videos, if you haven’t yet seen them.


The rectangle tool also guarantees that the sides are parallel. Drawing them with the line tool, you have to be careful to watch the inference snaps. We see a fair number of defective models here in which lines have been drawn ever so slightly off the intended location or direction!


Google: youtube - sketchup - floor plan
You will find links to several video tutorials for drawing floor plans in SU
Good Luck


It is also easier to keep things flat if you start by drawing a large rectangle (larger than your house) and use that as a “tracing paper”.