Creating organic shapes with Follow Me tool


I am new to Sketchup, so this may be a dumb question. I am trying to learn Sketchup Make 2014 and was doing a tutorial on using the Follow Me tool to make organic shapes. I made a face (circle) and drew a path with the line tool. After selecting the path and clicking on the face with the Follow Me tool, it extruded as expected. However, when I use the freehand tool to draw a path, the Follow Me tool doesn’t extrude the face. Is this normal or is it a case of operator error? Thanks for any info.



Hello @crissonj

Is there any way that you can share your model or a screen shot of what you are trying to do? I am unable to replicate this so I am thinking it may be an error in the way you set up the follow me. I am able to extrude and use the follow me tool from the line tool and freehand tool.

As a new user, I highly encourage you to check out some great tutorials and how-to’s. To check out some good follow me tool tutorials and help articles, click here, here and here.

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I just used the Follow Me tool, a circle, and a Freehand line to model my large intestine. Seems to work fine.



Alex and Gully,

Thanks for the response and the information you provided. It is obviously operator error. I will check out the tutorials you suggested, Alex and will continue to try.

Thanks again,


After checking out the tutorials suggested and trying a bit more with the freehand tool, I got it to work. I think the operator error may have been that I wasn’t drawing the path perpendicular to the face. When I used orbit to make sure I was drawing the path perpendicular, bingo!

Thanks for the help…it is much appreciated.



@crissonj glad to hear it worked! :slight_smile: No worries, come back soon now, ya hear?