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I just started to work with SketchUp. At the moment i am trying to build the enginesection of an Delta IV Heavy Rocket.

As you can see in this picture there are some indentantions around the the white “cone”.

Can anybody tell me how to create these in SketchUp?

Yes. but in what detail.
You could create a cylinder with a tapered end then deform a section to form the indentation.
But how do you want to deform it, probably a question the builders asked too.
In other words, it is very possible to make a shape that look roughly like what you want but if you want to make the whole thing quite accurately then it’s something else.
Not to mention your level of experience, how much detail do you need.

The question is how do form the indentation. I already have the overall shape of the cone.

Unfortunatly i havent found any measurments of the Delta IV. So i an trying to recreate the shapes and sizes by pictures and models. My plan is to scratchbuild an accurate model in 1:96 scale. So i will print out the enginesection and that add most of the details by building them at the real model. No need for an overall exact 3D Model.

Ok then, if you want to get a really nice indent, I’d be looking at using Fredo6’s Curviloft. You’ll need to install LibFredo also.
This will allow you to make the various specific straight lines and curves of the indent and then skin them.
There will be something of a learning curve, but it’s very doable.

Thanks for your answers. I will try that.

Hi, i tried to create my parts using Curviloft and it worked out really great. Thanks again for suggesting Curviloft.

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