Help flaring out the bottom of a shape

I am trying to get the bottom of the white shape on this model to flare out at the bottom like the other side. I have tried FredoScale Radial Bending, but when it bends the face, it detaches from the shape. I have also tried drawing lines across it like the other side and moving each on at a time, but that breaks the shape too. There are all the lines on this shape because I imported it from Illustrator where I got it just the way I want, so I would rather not have to redraw it from scratch in Sketchup. thanks

whitman desk lamp2.skp (1.1 MB)

Is this meant to be unsymmetrical? The arc of the white part doesn’t match that of the other two.

Are you re-doing the side parts of the arm based on the new imported profile?

I also. notice some other things are not symmetrical such as the base does not appear to be centered on the arm.

I was trying out a method using the flared faces of the other side (if that is accurate enough) but I gave up when finding some difficulties because the model is upside down.

I think for something like this would be to use curviloft on the desired curves.

To start with I’d reset the model axis and reset the component axis to be better aligned to work on your component. I’d delete all layers (aka Tags) except Layer0 and Twilight light layer, returning any contents to the default layer Layer0 (or Tag0). I’d make sure all is unhidden besides.

The shape that’s just what you want is a component. So copy it and flip it along the proper axis. The piece between the two flared objects needs some work. But I think you can also use the one correct component to fix the middle one. Open the flared component. Copy the inside (non-flared face) and close the component. Go to Edit>Paste in place, then use Push/pull to make this new center piece the correct thickness. Because you’ve used the face of one component to create the new one, their shapes will match exactly.

The other one is bogus. I plan to delete it and copy the white one on both sides. I left it there so you could see basically what I was trying to do. Don’t worry about the base. I can flip the model, I didnt realize it was upside down. I will look into Curviloft and see if that can do it. thanks all!

Yeah, It’s actually the axes that are upside down. Right click on an axis and choose “reset”.

I did a search in the extension warehouse for, “curviloft” and nothing came up. Any other ideas how to make this shape?

Actually it may be easier with native tools… sorry. First clean up the model and in the component get down to one profile representing your basic shape. Straighten it up and project a line to a perpendicular face.Draw the second curve on that face and push-pull out along and beyond the first shape. Extrude the first shape and use Intersect faces with context to get the three curved surfaces. Remove excess surfaces and any interior faces and use the soften smooth window. Reverse any backwards surfaces.


You can find Curviloft with other Fredo6 tools at SketchUcation.

Draw the side profile and front profile.
Then, use Push/Pull to extrude the shapes through each other

Triple click on the geometry to select all of it.
Then, right context click on the selection > Intersect Faces > With Selection
Notice the lines of intersection that form where the two shapes meet.

Now simply erase what you don’t need.

Lamp Base Profile.skp (1.1 MB)

SketchUp Training Series: Intersect with Model


That, and the OP will learn how to model instead of push buttons.

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Thanks both of you. You make it seem so easy but it wasnt so smooth for me. I did it, but look what I came out with.

I finally got it. I think the main object was not perfectly aligned w/an axis. When I rebuilt the whole thing it worked better. Thanks again for the instructions, you saved me a ton of hair pulling.