Creating face on irregular terrain

I am attempting to create a landscape bed on top of an existing Geolocation picture. I have already drawn the shape with the terrain but, the created shape does not allow me to fill (no automatic face). I understand that in order to make a face, the lines need to be parallel. How does one make a shape fillable if the lines follow the terrain/elevation change?

Select the rectangle tool then hold the “up arrow key” and it will create a rectangle in the horizontal plane. You can do this with lines too, but then you would use the side arrow keys to force the line in the axis direction.

This will not allow it to maintain the terrain/elevation change.

Do I need to make the model without terrain first, that way everything will be drawn on the same plane? And then once the rendering is complete, change it to the actual terrain/elevation?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says “NA”.

There are a few ways I can think of to do what you want but it depends on what tools you have available and the correct version will tell us that.

Apologies, I’m a newbie. How do I find the version of Sketchup?

If it’s a desktop version, click on Help>About SketchUp.

Version 22.0.354. 64 Bit

OK. You should edit your forum profile with that information.

You could draw the rectangle as @Sonder directed. Then use Drape from the Sandbox tools.

If you put the original rectangle inside the terrain group the draped edges will create a surface inside.


Sorry I thought of more a level bed on sloped terrain. To enclose and place a face (actually multiple faces will be created) use the sandbox tool “create from contours”.

The drape function worked like a charm! Thank you both for the assistance.