Irregular Shape Fill

Hello, I am fairly new to SketchUp (long time AutoCAD user). I have noticed when creating a rectangle or circle that it will fill in automatically. I have made an irregular shape and thought it would fill in automatically but it doesn’t. So can someone please help me with this? File attached.

Thanks in advance!
Irregular Shape.skp (129.6 KB)

It looks like you’re drawing up in the air and when you look at the side…from a distance it looks flat…

But when zoomed in, you can see that the shape isn’t coplaner - which is a fancy way to say lines on all on the same plane - ie flat.

Try drawing a large rectangle on the ‘ground’ first and then draw your shape on top of that. If you find yourself drawing non-coplaner again, you can use the Drape tool in the Sandbox set or Eneroth Flatten to plane extension to fix.

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Thanks Eric… But I have tried all of that and still not accepting a fill.

Here’s a flattened version.
Shape filled.skp (194 KB)
In order to avoid such problems, you should try and draw such shapes on a rectangle, instead of just in mid-air. If you then delete the four sides of the rectangle, you’ll have your shape, flat and filled!

Eric - Update, the Eneroth Flatten eventually worked. Had to shut down SketchUp and reboot my computer and then it worked. Thanks again.

Yes, I will start future projects like that, still learning here. Thanks for the tip!

Glad it worked out. Speaking of getting the basics down…if you haven’t done so already be sure to check out our Fundamentals Course over at SketchUp Campus.

Oh nice, another great tip, I’ll be sure to check it out!