Creating empty space and shells

Ok, so, i want to make a thin walled object such as a water bottle. How would you make it thin walled and empty on the inside, but yet a solid?

I thought of using a side profile and then follow me to create the revolution, but is there a simpler way?

also, is there a “shell” extension that will automatically shell out a part? take for example a block. you hit the shell button, assign wall thickness, depth etc, and it removes the other stuff. I know it could be done with solid tools, but it would require me to make a second block and position it. not a problem, but time consuming especially with odd shaped parts such as the one below. I know the offset feature would help accomplish this, but not for a water bottle haha


a rib tool would be cool too, but those can be drawn in pretty quickly



FREDO joint push pull tools will thicken surfaces (extension).

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hmm, never heard of it. i have used his other tools, but not this one. ill check it out. thanks

I htink its items like a water bottle im having a lack of understanding with haha

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joint push pull in action.

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that tool looks very handy. It is what im looking for.

Now, for a water bottle or soda bottle, i think i will make a side prfile of it and then revovle it haha