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Hi! I’m using Layout primarily for creating colour palette presentations for interior design. As such I’m laying out multiple images, including numbers with a circle around them, that relate to the product information (see image below for eg).

Is there a way to “lock together” the number+circle elements so I’m not having to constantly use the “move backwards/forwards/to the front/to the back” keys? I find as I move things around, the layers which the elements are on change, and I’m spending too much time tweaking! Surely there’s a quicker/easier way?


You can create groups of the numbers and circles so they move together. Create a layer for the number and circle elements that is higher in the list than the layer for the images and they will stay in front of the images.

Why don’t you just put the circled number on their own layer ? the can still be grouped with the image to move as one!

Oh I haven’t used layers in layout yet. Thanks for the tip!!

Thanks - I will try that!

Layers are an important part of working in LayOut.

If you have a standard font that you always use in your projects you could create a scrapbook with your collection of already formatted number labels ready to drag into your projects. Something like this.

You should plan to create a template for your projects which includes layers for the different types of entities you’ll add. Instead of putting your numbers in circles into a scrapbook, you could set them up outside the paper space in your template with them already on the correct layer. Then you don’t even have to think about the layer they need to go on. Here I made a quick example. The numbers are outside the paper space and they are on the layer called Image Number Labels. I also set up a label for Images and it is active ready for images to be inserted. Once they are placed, drag your number labels in and put them where you want them. If you want the labels to stay with the images as you move them around, group them.
Screenshot - 9_19_2021 , 5_34_30 AM

This is really helpful! Thank you for going into so much detail. I will attempt to set this up to make the process quicker in future…I have a lot to learn in layout!

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