Scrapbook layers

Can anyone tell me how, if it is possible, to create an item in a scrapbook, and have that object assigned to a layer that will also assume that layer in the layout page that I drag it in to? Is this even possible?

No. Even if you put the scrapbook items on a layer with the same name in the Scrapbook LO file, when they are dragged into your project they go onto the active layer. An alternative, though would be to open the scrapbook by clicking on the Edit button in the Scrapbook panel and then copy the item from the scrapbook page and paste it into your project. As long as the layer names are identical in both, the pasted object will wind up on that layer. Personally I think it’s just more straightforward to make the desired layer active in the project file and drag the scrapbook elements in and place them where needed.

Thanks, DaveR. I did some playing around and discover the “active layer” thing. Buuuutttt… the copying thing is something I’m going to play around with.

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What you can do is, set up the elements you want to bring into your project outside the page area, this way you can easily access them in the same way as the scrapbook!