Creating beveled window frames

Im trying to create beveled faces using push/pull, im sure ive seen a vid of it somewhere, i want to create a double glazed window with certain faces either raised or lowered to creat a profile but i want the faces to be at an angle, am I making sense i.e. the window has beveled edges, i know ive seen it maybe using lines at 45 degrees at the corners but of course that creates four faces.

It this approximately what you mean?

I drew a rectangle, offset in inwards to the width of the double glazing frame. Deleted the opening.

Push pulled the frame to thickness, less the width of the bevel you want.

Offset the inner profile outwards by the width of the bevel.

Drew 45° angles at all four corners.

Select outer face. Move it (not pushpull) outwards (towards you) on green axis to create bevel as if for profile, or putty.

And you get the result shown at the beginning.

Add glass.

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That, is exactly what i want, just got to sit down and study it until it becomes clear :), thank you.

You might also want to look at using Follow Me.
Draw your path and your profile and away you go.


only problem is,
the window is not conventionally square, it has a bowed top, if i knew how to paste an image i could show you


As I said above, draw your path and your profile and away you go. The little square at the top can be added in.
What I have shown here is using grouping before follow me to separate the geometry. You can group the profile but not the path, then preselect the path before getting the Follow Me tool, then right click to edit the profile group.


My, thats clever, never would have thought of that, and i have never used follow me, I used to be a cad manager for Autocad stations back in the day when 3d was just beginning to emerge, but this cad apckage is a different kettle of fish, thank you.

@Box’s solution is a more general purpose one than mine, which was responding to your request to use PushPull.

FollowMe, or in some case @eneroth3’s plugin Upright Extrude, are both more useful for non-rectangular profiles or paths.

Yes maybe in my inexperience I had not expressed myself properly and maybe the example i thought I had seen was in fact one of these methods.

Wow. I’ve been trying to work out how to model window and door mouldings for ages and whilst I kind of got there it was painful. I still don’t find Follow me Intuitive or easy to use even following your steps but I’ve just got it to work and reproduce my Window mouldings using your method to big thanks. I’ll add the GIF to the document I’m creating for myself as a reminder as it’s quite hard to put in words what you’ve done there!

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all of those examples are awesome. I never would have thought about doing something like that. I will also agree that the follow me tool is not very intuitive. If I am following along with what someone else is doing, I can get it to work about 50% of the time. If im trying to use it on my own…forget about it!

I wonder what is so unintuitive about the Follow Me tool. Iyt seems pretty straightforward to me. You start with a profile that you want to extrude into a 3D shape and a path for it to follow. Select the path, get Follow Me, click on the profile. Done.

Next step, make individual groups of the inner frame, outer frame and glass. Rotate the inner frame and glass group around the hinge axis by 30 degrees and your model looks really pro with the windows open! Also when you present the drawing to the window company, the way in which the windows open will not be in any dispute.
You will find it will help hugely with building design leaving the windows open because it will identify major issues at design stage such as windows that open inwards onto a kitchen tap and all that stupidity.
Don’t forget the window sills, 3D models look unreal if you just put windows into a rectangular hole and there is scope for a huge 30mm ■■■■ up when you build it! Stop the sills away from the inside wall (as they are in reality), dont hide the inside face it comes back and haunts you when you paint!
When you get bored and feeling a bit sad, add the hinges and catches! If you don’t have a few grands worth of i7/SSD/Nvidea etc, put all the irrelevant detail onto a unique layer and leave ‘Detail’ unchecked for day to day editing.

I’m going to guess you really weren’t directing your reply to me.

No sorry ‘Box’ I was adding the next potential step!