Create a bevel or round over on an inside edge

I am trying to make a bevel on an inside edge of a frame that I drew. I know how to achieve this on outside edges on objects using the “follow me” tool but I cannot find any info on how to do this on an inside edge.

That’s a fairly broad question with many possible options, do you have a specific shape as a sample.
A model would be good, but a screenshot is ok too.

Here is one option using offset and scale.
Scale bevel

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Here’s another option using Pushpull to create a notch in which to make your profile for follow me.
PP Follow bevel

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yes this is exactly what I am trying to do, thank you. I tried to follow your steps but how do you keep all the inside edges selected while selecting the push/pull tool?

You don’t, they will appear to become unselected as soon as you select the Follow me tool, but the tool knows what you want, so click on the face and away it goes.

I think you mean the follow me tool.

hmm, not sure why I’m having so much trouble with this. I’m going to have to try again tomorrow. Thanks for your help!

Make sure you are using the Follow Me tool and not Pushpull, they do different things.

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